5 Reasons to Use DieselWise

There are thousands of top tier D2 suppliers today, and more than 100,000 potential buyers. Figuring out who is credible is a nightmare for both parties. DieselWise brings serious D2 buyers and sellers together, and works with all parties to finalize supply agreements.


A stable, reliable source of D2 diesel for buyers

At DieselWise, every supplier is required to provide verification that the product is available and to spec. Each and every supplier is scrutinized to ensure reliable supply. No claims of supply in storage terminals that cannot hold the volume, no questionable mandates, no nonsense.

DieselWise has the experience and industry expertise to bring executed supply contracts to you without the headache.


Legitimate, reputable clients for sellers

DieselWise scrutinizes each and every buyer to ensure that our sellers are only engaging with customers with the financial wherewithal to conclude D2 supply agreements. Standardized processes (POP, LOC, SGS Report) ensure smooth transactions, with risk minimized for all parties.


The quickest contract execution in the business

With DieselWise’s guidance, verification of both the buyer and sellers particulars ensures that once pen is ready to be put to paper, it’s quick and easy. No wasted time, no hassle, just supply agreements signed on the dotted line.


DieselWise doesn’t represent any one party

DieselWise expertly sources and services every corner of the globe, but does not operate under any buyer or sellers mandate. We simply bring buyers and sellers together and eliminate the uncertainty surrounding supply contracts.


Your privacy is paramount

DieselWise will never disclose any information regarding your organization without your express consent. We create a secure environment that eliminates the hassles of supply contract verification and execution. Our privacy team ensures that all of your information is kept in the strictest of confidence, and complies with the latest best practices.