How we work

Using DieselWise is simple. Whether you are a D2 supplier looking for a qualified buyer, or a D2 buyer looking for a reliable supply, our proprietary database is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Get in touch

Start by filling out our contact form. Let us know who you are, and what you’re looking for. If you are a supplier, let us know how many metric tons of D2 per month you are able to reliably supply. If you are a buyer, let us know how many metric tons you are interested in sourcing, as well as the delivery location and terms (i.e. CIF/FOB).


Answer some questions

We’ll contact you within 48 hours and begin the process of confirming your information. In order for DieselWise to effectively match you with potential trading partners, we need to know exactly what you are looking for. This includes things like product specs and verification of availability if you are a seller, proof of funds and desired commercial terms if you are buyer. If you are an agent, any potential match will require an authenticated mandate.


Sit back

DieselWise will then take your pre-qualifying information and submit it to our proprietary database. This is where our search begins, and yours ends.


Let the DieselWise database work for you

The DieselWise Database then performs a query based on the multiple parameters you have provided. Once potential purchase or sale opportunities are identified, DieselWise will notify you of the matches, and provide you with our standardized agreement, as well as offer guidance to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Through this process DieselWise facilitates the buying or selling product, saving you time and eliminating uncertainty.

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