Frequently Asked Questions

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Who do you represent?

DieselWise does not represent any one party. Rather, DieselWise’s brings both D2 buyers and sellers together for mutual benefit, by removing barriers to trading. DieselWise receives no payment until a supply agreement is concluded, and as such, operates independent of either the buyer or seller. Our job is to ensure smooth transactions and our experience and contacts will allow you to conclude your agreements faster than you thought possible.

Will my information be secure?

At DieselWise, your privacy is a priority. We will never provide any details of your operation to other parties without your express consent. While we may provide general information about you (such as available supply for example) in order to best match you with a trading partner, we will never provide any information which would identify you, whether buyer or seller, until there is a deal to be done, and you are comfortable.

How does DieselWise get paid?

DieselWise only gets paid once your deal closes and on terms that are satisfactory to you. That means we get paid once all customary conditions have been satisfied, including that the product has been subjected to standard verification procedures, and the funds have been deposited into a reputable and mutually acceptable financial institution. It’s as simple as that.

Where are you located?

DieselWise headquarters is located in Ontario, Canada. Our relationships span most major centers of production in the world, with satellite offices in Turkey and the United States.