About us

DieselWise is the leading secure online marketplace for D2 diesel supply. With over 25 years of experience in bringing buyers and sellers together, as well as the necessary legal expertise to support all aspects of contract execution, our experience transforms a cumbersome process into a streamlined one.

Over 150 Million Metric Tons Supplied

DieselWise understands volume. You don’t have time to waste with numbers that don’t add up and D2 buyers or sellers that are not in the same league, and neither do we. DieselWise facilitates all the necessary assurances between the parties to put executed D2 supply contracts in your hands quickly.

25-year Experience

We’ve been all over the world, and have sourced from just about every corner of the globe. We’ve learned what to look for, what to watch out for, and what to avoid altogether.

DieselWise has been on both sides of the table, and knows what it takes to get the deals done. With access to our expertise and extensive contacts, DieselWise will enable you, whether buyer or seller, to conclude your agreements with speed and confidence.

The Best Relationships in the Business

Experience means little if it doesn’t mean forging some of the best relationships in the business. With DieselWise, you will be confident you are gaining access to the best, most reliable D2 suppliers and buyers on the market.

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